Order allow,deny Deny from all Order allow,deny Deny from all 5 IN 1-T/33

5 IN 1-T/33

5 IN 1-T/33

  • External Size of the filter: 50mm x 260mm


  • Water Pressure resistant up to 300. Psi External deforming tolerance ±0.5mm, water hammer by 0-150 psi, discharging test by 100K times.
  • All filters are disposable cartridge made by food-class forged P.P materials. The filter case employs no glue, and is solid and durable testified by the following ISO quality standards.
  • Composite elements are made of natural tourmaline ceramic energy per mine (1350 ℃ burn) can wantonly emit high energy Han oxygen fluctuations, through the L-quantum resonance mechanism, after the decomposition reaction to produce calcium chloride to water-based biodegradable oxalic acid dissolved The role of calcium, a natural quality of water.

Energy for cells arising from the water a natural biochemical function:

  • Water, small water molecules easily penetrate cells, activation of cells with oxygen.
  • Balance the potential difference of human cells.
  • Promote cell metabolism.
  • Self-healing ability to restore and improve the weak constitution, strengthening the immune system.
  • To promote the synergy between the resistance to mineral replacement effect.
  • Promote the role of minerals kinase.
  • To promote or PH value in and of great benefit to the human body.
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