Ozone + Ionizer Generator

Power:O3 + Ionizer :30W/0.3A   (AC110V or AC220V)

Voltage:AC110 or 220V



SIZE: 380x280x120mm

Weight: 3.2kgs



Application of Ozone when used in Water


。Keep vegetables fresh, clean remaining pesticides in vegetables and extend

the store length. (30 minutes)

。Increase the oxygen content, decompose antibiotics & hormone in the meats

   and extend the store length. (15 minutes)

。Cooking with O3 water make steamed rice more delicious. (20 minutes)

Fish tube

。Improve oxygen content, remove impurities, kill germ, mold & bacteria in the water
causing fish disease. (10 minutes/day, 1m x 1m )

Body care

。Improve foot care. (30 minutes)

   May disinfect athlete’s foot, remove germs.

。Teeth washing: kill germs; prevent halitosis & dental caries. (10 minutes)

   May use for rinsing the oral and preventing of periodontal disease.

。Bathing, washing hair and face (Anti aging) : help forward metabolism.  (20 minutes)

   Applying this water directly onto skin without adding any cleansing

   stuff, may completely cleanse out the oily dirt in the skin pores, also

   giving the effect of sterilizing and cleaning. High contains the

   metabolism of body and enhancing the immunity of the body.

Application of Ozone when used in the Air


。It is suitable for home, coffee

  -Living room : Remove airborne mold, bacteria & unpleasant odor.

  -Bedroom : Clean, fresh air has been proven to produce more restful

   sleep & reduce night breathing problems while sleeping.

  -Bathroom & restroom : Indoors molds are found in damp location like

   bathroom. Ozone will reduce and inhibit mold growth, bacteria &

   viruses so it eliminates bad odor.

  -Kitchen : Help to eliminate bad cooking smell & bacteria.

Health protection

。It increases the oxygen in blood, activates cells, promotes metabolism

   (effective reduce blood pressure, cholesterol & triglyceride ) and

   lessens tiredness.

 Ozone and ionizer air

。Ozone and ions can remove instantly the smells of smoke and mold and unpleasant odor.

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